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Swedish Cardamom Cake

This is a classic Swedish cake that is perfect for enjoying with a cup of freshly ground coffee while relaxing in the spring sunshine. As an added bonus, the amazing aroma of cardamom will fill your house for hours.

Mini Treats

Dessert please! Even if you are trying to provide yourself and your family with a healthy diet, there is always room for a little dessert.

Yummy, Healthy Almond Cookies

These cookies are delicious, not to mention quite healthful for being cookies. Vegan and whole grain, you can also easily make them gluten free. So find your favorite cookie cutters and get baking!

Dinner Saver - Pasta, Peas, and Shrimp

With over 300 dinners a year to plan, it’s not strange that we sometimes find ourselves scrambling to come up with a dinner plan. Keeping some pantry and freezer staples on hand can assure that you always have a dinner ready to be made.