Resolve to Eat Well in 2013

by Maria on January 4, 2013

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Happy New Year!  We had a busy December filled with holiday cooking and shopping, parties, and yes, a little relaxation too. It was a lot of fun, but I am excited to move on to a new year and a less hectic schedule.

Like most people, I always set some new fitness and eating goals in January. Yes, even nutrition professionals find it hard to maintain a healthy eating and exercise regime between Thanksgiving and New Year’s!

CooksAid has some great blogs and new menus planned for 2013 to help you eat well this year. But for now, here are 5 tips to get you started on the path of healthy eating this year:

1 – Plan your meals, even breakfast and lunch if you can. It will add more variety to your meals, help keep nutrition in check, and keep you from stressing about what to cook. 

2 – Get the family involved with preparing meals, whether planning, shopping, or cooking. Studies show that kids are more likely to eat foods that they helped prepare. Try designating one day of the week where the whole family is involved with cooking, such as Saturday or Sunday.

3 – Make all the food choices in your house good choices. Clean out that pantry and toss any snack foods or sweets that you don’t really want your kids (or you) snacking on. Keep a bowl of fresh fruit on hand (I usually have at least two in different locations).

4 – Teach your kids about healthy eating in a fun way. Take them on a scavenger hunt for different fruits and vegetables in the produce section. Teach them how to read labels and talk to them about where their food came from.

5 – Measure your portion sizes to remember just what one serving should be. A little ice cream for dessert can often fit into a diet plan, as long as you abide by the ½ cup serving size!

Happy cooking! And remember to check back soon for new blog entries and fresh menus.


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