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by Maria on July 19, 2012

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I've been on vacation for a few weeks. It's summer after all. And apparently I had no problem putting a little distance between myself and the computer. 

This week we've had some structure reenter our lives however, as the kids embarked on the first of two weeks of summer camp. Having regained some "me time" I have been busy cleaning, organizing, cooking, shopping, exercising, and treating myself to the occasional latte. But how much can a mom fit into the hours of 9 to 1? As you may know, the time flies by. And it's easy to get carried away and not make time to eat a proper snack or lunch before pick-up. 

But it's so important to take care of yourself and give your body the fuel it needs to keep you going for the rest of the afternoon. Eating at home is generally more wallet and waistline friendly than grabbing lunch to go somewhere. And with a little thought and planning, it will save you time.

Here are some of my go-to lunch ideas:

Leftovers. Scour the refrigerator for leftovers. Many dishes are better the next day, but remember to keep food safety in check and throw leftovers out after 4 days. For more information on food safety and leftovers go to

Sandwiches. When you make lunch sandwiches for everyone else in the morning, why not make one for yourself. Go ahead and put some sliced fruit and baby carrots with it too. Your lunch will be ready to go when you are. 

Salads. I usually have prewashed baby spinach or, more recently, baby kale on hand. It's so easy to top it with a few sliced veggies, a protein source, and my favorite dressing. Some of my favorite salad toppings include avocado, tomatoes, chives, and feta or goat cheese. A salad is a perfect summer lunch.

Mix and match. I often combine leftovers with some fresh greens for a nutritionally complete meal. Leftover pork chops plus salad with sliced tomatoes and lunch is ready.   

Eggs. If I don't have much on hand I make myself eggs. It could be an egg sandwich, scrambled eggs, or an omelet. I usually have bread on hand for toast. Sometimes I hard boil eggs in the morning to use for my lunch salad or sandwich.

Freezer. Stock it with homemade individually portioned servings of lasagne, soup, and other favorite meals. As a back-up to this back-up, Trader Joe's burritos are always good too. 

Time for lunch!

Leftover Asian Grilled Chicken and Wheatberry Salad made with quinoa:

grilled chicken over quinoa salad.jpg


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