Dinner Inspiration - Mix it Up!

by Maria on March 22, 2013

shrimp taco.JPG

My overall diet and cooking style is mainly Scandinavian-Mediterranean. I love everything about the Mediterranean cuisine--from the healthful ingredients, to the cooking techniques, to the final taste. And having grown up on Swedish food, it will always be an irreplaceable favorite. Of course, I also love to keep things interesting and this means trying new recipes and new types of food. 

This week as I was planning my weekly menu I had a craving for shrimp. And then I thought, what goes perfectly with shrimp and springtime, how about some pasta and pesto! And while this would have been wonderful, there was something about it that didn't satisfy me. Perhaps it was the fact that we generally have some type of pasta dish on the menu once a week.

Then I saw our pile of avocadoes, ready to go into smoothies and salads. What about guacamole? I thought. I rarely make guacamole, maybe because it's not second nature to me. Another thing we only have a few times a year in our house is tacos. Shrimp tacos with guacamole! Now that was a dinner with sizzle.

I remembered seeing a recipe for shrimp tacos in one of my favorite new cookbooks, Weelicious (by the author of the website). So I scratched out the pasta with shrimp and pesto and gave this one a try instead. The recipe was simple and required only a handful of ingredients. I didn't think my youngest would like the tortilla, so I made sure to have rice on the table too. But to my surprise he loved it. He thought it was similar to a flatbread that we often have in Sweden (even though this one was made of corn).

As for the guacamole, I think I polished off most of it myself. My kids would prefer to have their avocadoes in smoothies. But can you blame them when their mother never makes the stuff? So one of my spring-summer goals is to make more guacamole and remember to keep mixing that menu up.

One piece of advice when trying new menu items with kids is, make sure there is always something on the table that you know they will like and perhaps even be excited about. In my experience, this tends to get dinner started on a more positive note and in turn may make your child more likely to try the new food. 


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