A Triple Announcement!

by Krisha on September 23, 2011


Krisha here, and I have quite the announcement. If you have wondered why I have been slacking on my share of CooksAid contributions (but much thanks to Maria, the site has been running along smoothly), it's because we had triplets at the end of March 2011!

Two girls and a boy, and all are happy and healthy. They were born a little early, at 29 and a half weeks, but are thriving now. Their four-year-old sister and three-year old brother adore them. And the whole crew keeps us busier than ever.

But now I am back, and these new life changes have me inspired. Maria and I are excited to expand our blog, sharing with our readers as we search for solutions to the challenges we moms face when planning meals and cooking for our families.

So in the coming weeks, look for more blog posts, not just about food and recipes, but about everyday solutions for meal planning moms.

Some ideas include:

Pantry organization: with little extra time to dig through my pantry to fin something, I am working to streamline my kitchen--and my life!--by getting more organized.

pantry org.jpg


Fridge/freezer organization: At our new home, my fridge is much like the one pictured, which I found challenging to organize at first. But I love how Jen from iheartorganizing makes simple changes to create beautiful and organized spaces.


Menu planning: At CooksAid, we can help you plan your weekly dinners in a cinch. But what about getting into a routine to incorporate everything else you need to buy at the grocery store (e.g., breakfasts, lunches, snacks, household items)? And where can we keep our menu planning materials to make our life easier?

menu board.JPG

Couponing: With formula and diapers eating into our spending budget, I am starting to get on the coupon wagon. And it's kind of a rush! Just yesterday, I got a FREE gallon of organic milk. Woohoo! So I'm starting to figure it out, but I have a lot to learn. What I do know is that you need a process and a plan.


Well, I have to run feed some babies. But we'd love to hear what menu planning, grocery shopping, kitchen organization, and other food-related challenges you'd like us to try and tackle. Leave us a comment!

Happy Cooking!






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