Feature Article: Panko-Crusted Turkey

Panko-Crusted Turkey

Turkey is a lean source of protein, high in B-vitamins. Here it is coated with crunchy panko and then fried in olive oil. A balsamic-drizzled arugula, tomato, and bell pepper salad gives it extra pizzaz and nutrition. This recipe is for panko-coated turkey, but chicken works just as well.

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7 Tips for Making Sure You Actually Eat All Those Healthful Foods in Your Cart

So you bought a bunch of kale, root vegetables, and quinoa. Now what? Here are some tips to help you make sure that your food becomes more than decoration for your refrigerator and pantry.

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2014 Dec 03

Ginger-Berry-Citrus Smoothie

Whether you are fighting off a pesky cold or feeling a little run down, this immune-boosting concoction is sure to perk you up.


2014 Nov 20

Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Hard to believe I didn't like Brussels sprouts until well into adulthood. These days I can't get enough! Whether you are a recent convert or a long-time-lover of B sprouts, here is a simple, delicious way to prepare them.


2014 Oct 15

Pumpkin-Oat Chocolate Chip Cookies

Pumpkin, oats, pecans, and chocolate! A delicious, healthful combination formed into little sweet treats that are too good not to try. Perfect now or any time of the year.